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What is the Hot Pink Peaches Club?

This brainchild began due to increasing internet censorship.  Plainly, if you see “Pink Peaches Verified”, it means: There is spanking in this book! Probably lots of it. 
But every secret clubhouse needs merch.  This is also the place where you can find stickers, mugs, and other paraphernalia that will feature spanking, brat, and top themes.
Basically, it’s an “I Love Spanking and Everything About It” club. 

One day, I hope we can have a virtual clubhouse, but for now I did create a free MEMBERS ONLY  Peaches Club page with bonus content , NSFW art, discounts  and anything else I may think up!

THe Hot Pink Peaches Collection

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Currently only The Heartbreak Hockey Series has available are but more is on the way!

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