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Is There Freedom in Captivity?


When he died, I couldn’t pull breath into my lungs.  It wasn’t supposed to be like that.  His death should have released me.  All it brought me was a fractured soul.

Many long nights after his death were spent wishing for one more night, one more day. One more second of the profound control Aleksander held.  Begging was ignored.  Refusing him wasn’t an option. 

I loved every heart-pounding second. 

He pulls me under like a dense fog.  I’m not going down the rabbit hole, I live there now.  Only Oliver can guide me out for short doses of reality.  But I’ve sipped Aleksander’s viperous cocktail again, and I’m hooked.  I don’t want to face the days without him anymore.

We had a horrible beginning, and an even worse middle, what are the chances that we could have an amazing end?


I didn’t have parents.  I had Silas, my brother-dad.  He’s been my world and he gave me the world.  I want the same for him, even if what he wants is dangerous.  I’ve always been his compass, his strength, and his kryptonite.  Thank God for that.  Those might be the only things saving him from being ripped away from us.  

But the happily-ever-after for all, including Dad, depends on how much I let him go.  Letting him go means that I risk losing him forever.

Can I let him go without sacrificing him to the devil he loves?


Well, dayum.  Looks like I could get out of hell before either of my brothers, who woulda thunk it? But I’ll never leave them behind.  First, though, show Asher where he belongs with the major’s help—I think we all know what that means.  Then, make sure my ex-dad doesn’t take everything that kept me hanging on for nearly two decades. 

Are we enough to take on the force that almost destroyed us?


The captivating final pages of this part of the Randall Brothers’ heart-wrenching trilogy.  Join the brothers of heartbreak for tears, tenderness, and some of the steamiest moments Miss Mock (S. Legend) has ever written. 


  • Forbidden Love 

  • Spanking 

  • Found Family

  • Hurt/Comfort

  • Age Gap

  • Trauma

  • Polyamory

  • Daddy Kink

  • Dom/Sub                                                                               *Hot Pink Peaches verified. Several times over.*

Brothers of Reckoning, Book 3 : The Lost Brothers Series E-Book

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