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Rhett and I were supposed to grow old together, but he double broke my heart when he forced me to choose between marrying him and hockey.  I had to watch his sever in two as I felt mine breaking apart.  Worst day you’ll ever have, lemme tell yah.
I chose hockey and if I’m choosing hockey, I’m doing it all the way and leaving love out of the equation, maybe forever.  No point getting involved with someone else just to break both of our hearts.  Slept with my new coach, though.  It was on accident, okay?  It’s not like I knew he was gonna be my coach when it happened.  I do know that if it happens again, my heart will be in jeopardy.  I’ve just got to get through the season without falling back into bed with him.  Annoying the ever-loving heck outta him should do the trick, eh?


People depend on me.  They need me.  That’s what my life has been about since I was ten years old.  The one time I stepped outside of that was such a colossal failure, I vowed never to do it again. My sister cursed me.  She said that one day I’d pay for my situationship ways by falling so in love with a man that I’d do anything for him. I hate that she was right. My heart’s decided Jack’s mine and now that I’ve fallen, I’ll never be the same.  I might have to live the rest of my life as half a person.  He’s on my hockey team and I can’t avoid him.  I’m drawn to him.  Can’t stop thinking about him.  What do you do when you know in your heart someone’s yours, but you can’t have them?

This real Canadian adventure features possessive MCs, an age-gap romance, enemies-to-lovers vibes, and the sweetest gay hockey romance you’ll ever read.  It's a wild ride from start to finish with hilarious characters who do outrageous things.  Oh, and of course, it contains the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend and Canadian) is known best for.  



  • Laugh Out Loud Comedic Drama 

  • Tension & Snarky Banter

  • Forced Proximity 

  • Low Angst & Swoon-y Love & Dramatic Kisses in the Rain

  • Age Gap

  • Fire-Hot Locker Room Sexy Times

  • Coach x Player

  • Possessive MCs

  • Strict Toppy Types with a heavy hand

  • Loveable Hockey Brats 

  • Spanking (Lite)

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Book One Heartbreak Hockey


“I thought this was going to be the story about how I lost Jack, but it’s not. It’s the story about how I found my way to you.”


I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life and I can only hope it’s not too late for me to redeem myself. All my future plans included building a life with Jack, but now he’s playing house with some second-rate hockey coach he thinks he’s in love with. 

I want him back, and when my father’s misguided effort backfires, the perfect solution skates right into my life. 


When no one cared about me, my half-brother, Mercy, took me in, loving me as if we’d been siblings all our lives instead of just a couple of short weeks. He’s sunshine. I want to stay close to him, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I become a stain on his perfect life.

Speaking of sunshine, it would be a lot better for me if a certain ray of sunshine, Jack Leslie, were out of the picture. When the hockey God himself, Rhett, makes me a proposition, I know I can’t refuse, even if it means I’m going to hell for it.

Ice Dance Hockey is a fake boyfriend book, with lots of catastrophes, some angst, and much hijinks. We get to peek in on the lives of Jack and Mercy as Rhett and Logan stumble their way into a love they never knew could exist. Oh, and of course, it contains the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend and Canadian) is known best for. 



  • Laugh Out Loud Comedic Drama

  • Fake Boyfriends

  • Snarky Banter & Swoon-y Love

  • Mutually Possessive & Protective MCs

  • First Times & Size Difference

  • LOW ANGST hurt comfort

  • Spanking (Lite)

  • Found Family

  • Brother-Dads (When your brother becomes your guardian and loves you like his own)

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Book Two Ice Dance Hockey

Our Love Language Includes Fists and Battles on the Ice …

never thought we’d take that to the bedroom.


“You’ve become a damn craving, Alderchuck. If it’s weird for anyone, it’s me.”


After accidentally hooking up on a popular “dating” app, Casey Alderchuck and Mitch Sutter are having trouble keeping their hands off each other. Just a few hitches. They’re rivals, they hate each other, and they could well be the end of each other’s hockey careers.

Breakneck Hockey is a rivals-to-lovers story with some hurt-comfort, along with other vibes, like; I Can Hurt Him but You Can’t, Major Jealousy, Just Because I Say I Don’t Want Him, Doesn’t Mean You Can Have Him, Possessiveness Galore, a Morally Gray MC and, as always in this series, Found Family.



  • Coming Soon

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Breakneck Hockey
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