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Loving him isn’t safe or sane.


Was there life before Ocean Radley?  If there was, it hasn’t been on Everleigh’s mind for a long time.  His whole world has become Ocean, Ocean, Ocean.  Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.


After being sentenced to a lifetime in a conservatorship, he knew he’d have to obey the rules and live under the mysterious man’s thumb, but he didn’t know he’d be put into the “care” of a psychopath. 


Ocean wants a living doll.  Someone he can dress up, play with, and then put on a shelf when he’s done.  A simple life where he’s in absolute control.  With his “condition”, keeping emotional distance is easy—or it was supposed to be.  


Is wanting to burn down the world for someone the same as love?


Everleigh’s Ring is a smutty, intoxicating psychopath romance with an HEA.  It features a possessive, domineering, and sometimes terrifying psychopath and the rough-edged burly man who falls head over heels for him (literally) even if maybe he shouldn’t.  This book is mostly kink and heat with a ridiculous thriller-themed plot.  And you know, a ton of spanking and discipline because reasons. 


This book is a verified member of the Hot Pink Peaches Club.


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Everleigh's Ring


  • Spanking

  • Body Modification (by use of medication)

  • Forced Feminization

  • Daddy Kink

  • Use of Medication as a form of cock control

  • Toxically possessive "Owner"

  • Humiliation Galore

  • Dub Con Toxically delicious control

  • Orgasm Denial

  • Behaving for Daddy

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