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Jude has a complicated relationship with his unusual powers: He’s scared to use them and scared to be without them.  No one knows what happened to his parents, and he’s left to grapple life as an orphan for most of his youth.

Everything changes when he’s reunited with his father.  Jude’s the Prince heir.  It’s expected he’ll take the vow of purity and have his marriage arranged by his father.

Jude’s world spins on its axis when he meets Charlie, handsome and powerful dragon tamer.  Jude falls hard for the iron-handed redhead despite him being an insufferable clodpole who thinks he can tell Jude what to do.  But getting married when you’re a Prince?  That’s a whole other Merlinforsaken ordeal.  If Jude and Charlie can’t meet the Prince requirements for marriage, the ancient Prince name will end with his father.

The Heart of A Dragon Tamer is a long-arse gay romance novel that has a dreamy, redheaded dragon tamer who finds his soulmate and gives him the care he needs. It’s a captivating novel about the families we’re born into, and those that we make for ourselves. It features age gap and semi-arranged marriages. This book is actually three books in one at over 220K words.

​   Tropes

  • Belonging 

  • Magic & Wizards

  • Dragons & Dragon Tamers

  • Brats Who Misbehave Together, Pay Together

  • Brat & Brat Tamer

  • Banter

  • Found Family

  • Hurt/Comfort (but not dark)

  • Fantasy Adventure

  • Polyamory 

  • Chastity Kink

  • A LOT of Spanking

  • First Times

  • Obey me or else

  • Wells (He’s a trope of his own)

Book One The Heart of Dragon Tamer
Heart of the Dragon Tamer by S.Legend

Coming Soon! Enjoy this exclusive sneak peak of the cover!

Book Two Essence of Emrys
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